About Live Music Travel

Thank you for visiting Live Music Travel. Your interest helps us to support the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in its effort of transforming society through creative arts.

Every time you use Live Music Travel to book a trip, we fund the activities of professional artists associated with the foundation’s MUS-E project. They work with children and teachers of primary schools in Europe, bringing them closer together via collective creation of art.

The MUS-E Project

At present the MUS-E project is available in 13 countries.

Where it Stands

It is active in 450 schools, also for children from difficult backgrounds.

Our Goal

With your help, we can bring MUS-E to 1000 schools by the end of 2020.

Travel Platform

We provide the best services around your favorite concerts and events.

Supporting Creativity

Use Live Music Travel and fund music and arts classes for children.

Inspiring Future Artists

Travel for music, inspire the artists of tomorrow.

The ultimate aim in life should be to fulfill to the utmost all that is within our ability and to share that which is good and beautiful. Yehudi Menuhin

The Team

We are a team of music lovers with a passion for travel and the shared vision that a better world is best built around happy children.

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